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Scan Workshop: Tips and Tricks
Creating successful scans requires patience and specialized knowledge of scanning techniques as well as skill in correcting the resulting image files. It often takes a disproportionate amount of time to produce top-notch results. This article introduces efficient digitizing strategies that will help you find the right compromise between the amount of effort involved an the quality of your results.
Keeping it Quiet: The Art of Noise-Free Photography
A reflex mirror falling back into place or spring-loaded aperture blades and mechanical shutters scything through the light path are often loud enough to scare off sensitive subjects. This article investigates the sources of camera noise and explores how to reduce their effects.
Experimental Photography: Getting it Right by Doing it Wrong
In this workshop we explore the best ways to break with convention and let your creativity take you beyond the predictable. New skills and fresh ways of thinking will help you develop a distinctive style and speed you toward shooting your own exceptional photos.
Trick Tripods
Although most photographers choose a conventional model for their main tripod, standard camera supports aren't always equal to the challenges presented by unusual shooting conditions. This is where specialized tripods and supports come in – we checked out some of the more unusual devices on offer and put them through their paces.
Infrared Photography
Infrared photos show the world in a completely new light. Digital sensors or special film can be used to capture image data that lies beyond the limits of the visible spectrum, where you can find highly unusual color and contrast effects. This article explains what infrared light is and introduces the techniques required to capture and process your own infrared images.
Creating Light Rays in GIMP
Light rays diffused by the clouds or shining ethereally through church windows are just some of the effects you can create using GIMP’s volumetric lighting tools. This workshop shows you how to apply these fantastic effects to your own images.
Mobile RAW Processing
Tablet and smartphone-based RAW editing has come a long way since its early days and now offers a true lightweight processing options when you are out and about. This article introduces the best of the current crop of Android and iOS RAW processing apps.
Fun with Homemade Gear
Create your own tilt/shift lens, a telescope and microscope out of a telephoto and macro lens, and a high-speed camera fast enough to capture an exploding egg. Join the fun with these DIY projects.
Create and Photograph Smoke and Fog Effects
Here we explain the most common methods of producing these types of effects and walk through some practical examples to show you how to create your own.
Dancing with Light: Long-Exposure Techniques
This unique symbiosis of photography and light-art performance is a hot new trend, and is just beginning to develop beyond its infancy. This article takes a look at the origins of the genre and techniques used to produce these fantastic images.
Shooting in Natural Light
Anyone who has a feel for the way light behaves can learn to utilize its characteristics in many different ways. This article looks at how to use natural light to shoot effective photos in a variety of situations.
GPS for Photographers
This article gives you the low-down on how GPS works and the gear and software you need to use it, and provides troubleshooting tips to help you work around some common geotagging pitfalls.
Full-frame for Beginners and Experienced APS-C Users
With the introduction of the reasonably-priced Nikon D610, Canon EOS 6D and Sony Alpha models, full-frame digital has finally hit the mainstream. We take a look at the potential benefits of switching and why you might be better off sticking to what you know.
Low-Light Photography: From Dusk till Dawn
This article shows you some of the myriad subjects that this magical time offers and provides plenty of tips on how to capture them for yourself.
RAW Processing in Lightroom and Photoshop
Over the last seven years, Lightroom has evolved from a simple but effective RAW converter into a powerful all-in-one digital photo workflow tool. This article compares Lightroom and Photoshop the two programs and shows you where Photoshop still has the upper hand.
Editing in GIMP
Since Adobe introduced its new subscription-only licensing model, many seasoned users have begun to experiment with the open source competition. In this article, Bernhard Stockmann uses hands-on examples to show just how capable GIMP has become.
Protecting Images with Digital Watermarks
Author: Sascha Steinhoff | Issue 9 | Year: 2012 We test the robustness of some of today’s invisible watermarking tools..
Photographing Interiors
Interior photography follows its own rules and presents the photographer with a unique set of challenges. This workshop goes into detail on how to choose a subject and effectively shoot various types of indoor scenes in a number of different lighting situations.
Blending Modes and Layer Techniques: Beyond the Basics
Photographers have a lot to gain from advanced blending mode and layer techniques that go beyond simply selecting "Overlay" mode and playing around with opacity values. These techniques offer image editing options using just a few mouse clicks.
Chromatic Aberrations
Learn about the specialized chromatic aberration corrective programs and how you can use them to get rid of those irritating RAW and JPEG color smears.
Drone Photography
Take a look at how drones work, how they can be used to capture unusual photos, and some of the technical challenges you'll likely face before your first take-off.
Managing Multiple Cameras with Lightroom
Tips and tricks to keep your Lightroom workflow running smoothly, even when you have your hands full of cameras.
Micro Four Thirds Lens Review
We give you an overview of what's available and put eight lenses from M.Zuiko, Sigma, and Lumix through an comprehensive test.
Image Processing in 32-bit Mode
We introduce some helpful tools for processing in 32-bit mode and what's good about the mode while explaining which aspects still need improving.
Time-lapse Photography
Time-lapse techniques allow you to make amazing short videos from sequences of individual images. Let us show you how to get started. . .
How to Shoot Gigapixel Images
Push your camera and skills beyond what you thought were possible to create incredibly detailed gigapixel images. Here's how.
Build your Own Studio Gear
You don’t need expensive new gear to start experimenting with studio lighting and shooting. Here are DIY ideas for creating studio accessories that are just as effective as high-end pro equipment.
JPEG Color Depth: How computers make the most of digital image data
Discover the ins and outs of bit depth and what more bits can do for you and your photos.