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c't Digital Photography Issue 6 (2012)

Portfolio André Wagner
André Wagner’s fresh take on landscape photography has brought him a long way. From his modest beginnings in the graffiti scene, he is now based in Berlin and has a reputation that nets him invitations from galleries around the world. We spoke to this single-minded 30-year-old professional about his art, his craft and his business. Read more…
Digital Black-and-white Photography
Digital technology has given us practically limitless processing and color correction options, but today, there is a perceptible trend toward “back to the basics” photography. This article explains how to create fascinating monochrome images from your color photos and how to hone your instinct for finding suitable black-and-white subjects. Read more…
Bridge and All-weather Camera Test
This issue’s camera test covers everything from a 30x optical wide zoom bridge camera to a ruggedized all-weather ultra-compact. Sensor resolution continues to increase in these classes of camera and none of the models we tested has less than 14 megapixels under the hood. Read more…
Build your own Studio Gear
With the help of easily available materials and a little manual skill you can build studio accessories that are just as effective as high-end pro equipment. This article shows you not only how to go about building your own gear, but also how to use it to get great photographic results. Read more…
Increasing depth of field with Focus Stacking
In macro situations, even the smallest apertures often provide insufficient depth of field to portray a subject adequately. The solution to this problem is to shoot a sequence of images at varying focal distances and use a computer to merge the results into a single, extended depth-of-field image. Read more…
The Time Travelers' Diary
The shoot for this issue’s cover image has become a multimedia project with a life of its own. This article lets you in on some of the secrets surrounding its creation and explains some of the photographic and image processing work involved. Read more…
Enhancing Your Photos with Texture Blending
This workshop demonstrates the diversity of texture blending techniques and gives you some ideas for applying the technique to your own photos. The results are images that often go well beyond simple photorealism. Read more…
Fantastic Photos with Unusual Lenses
Alongside “normal” lenses, there is a wide range of unconventional and fun lenses available for exploring offbeat photographic concepts. This article delves into the wonderful world of shift lenses, Lensbabys and fisheyes, and takes an excursion into the outer reaches of pinhole and plastic lens photography. Read more…
digiKam: The All-in-one Photo Workflow Tool
We review the key features of the open source digiKam image management tool and show you how to use it to set up your own photo workflow. Read more…
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  • Highlights of this issue’s free DVD include a complete eBook, sample images from the articles and tests in the magazine and a special offer discount for a full license of the Helicon Focus software introduced in our focus stacking article. Our additional free software includes a series of FotoTV.com videos on black-and-white photography from the early 20th century right up to today.

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Free DVD, including:

  • The Art of Black and White Photography (eBook):
    This 272-page book by Torsten Andreas Hoffmann describes how to compose successful monochrome images
  • Helicon Focus (Full Version):
    This powerful program creates one completely focused image from several partially focused images by combining the correctly focused areas from each.
  • DeblurMyImage (Full version):
    A great little tool for adding that extra dose of sharpness to nearly perfect photos.
  • Black-and-white Photography (Videos):
    This set of three videos complements this issue’s black-and-white workshop in a number of fascinating ways.

DVD Content and Highlights (PDF)